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There have been a number of attacks on voter registration centres as Afghanistan prepares to hold parliamentary elections in October.,books a million card games,On Wednesday, he also called the Ambassadors of the five permanent members to reiterate his “deep concern about the risks of the current impasse” and stressed the need to “avoid the situation spiralling out of control.”,Underlining the need to bring the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts to justice, the Security Council urged all States, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with the Governments of Mali and Burkina Faso as well as all other relevant authorities in this regard..

Some argue that disarmament is not the right issue to negotiate when the international security environment is deteriorating.,The troop levels were retained, including more than 16,000 military personnel and nearly 400 police, but the Council requested the Secretary-General to undertake contingency planning within 90 days, looking at all options, including through inter-mission cooperation.,“Girls as young as six were gang-raped,” she said.,comment jouer au blackjack en direct.

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books a million card games

“The military conflict, particularly in Benghazi, continues to exact a heavy toll on the civilian population, adding to the existing humanitarian situation,” Mr. Kobler continued, noting that much of Benghazi – “the cradle of 17 February revolution” – is now a wasteland.,comment jouer au baccarat en ligne,A spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General said it was “regrettable that international experts were not invited” to the site closing..

Today’s meeting marked the 16th anniversary of Security Council resolution 1373, which was adopted on this day in 2001, following the 11 September terrorist attacks on the United States.,The next few months provide an opportunity to bring together government institutions, local authorities and social organizations – Jean Arnault, Head of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia,comment jouer au blackjack en direct,“Uruguay’s commitment to global peacekeeping is without rival,” Mr. Ban said in his remarks to the National School for Peacekeeping Operations, located in the capital, Montevideo. “When adjusted for population, no country contributes more troops than Uruguay.”.

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The authorities have also moved some people from overcrowded areas to a settlement site, where they are living in primitive conditions, and shelter, food, clothing, as well as water and sanitation, are desperately needed. Ms. Triggs said while the authorities distributed food there in December, no further distributions have occurred since, either by the Government or the UN World Food Programme (WFP).  ,Calling on all Iraqi political actors and their supporters to uphold peace as the results are processed, the UN chief further urged political actors to resolve any electoral disputes through established legal channels and to complete the electoral process by forming an inclusive government as soon as possible.,The senior UN official also noted that the Organization will continue to work with the Palestinian leadership, Egypt and the region in support of the process, highlighting its importance for reaching a negotiated two-state solution and sustainable peace..

books a million card games,“In Eastern Ghouta alone, more than 45,000 Syrians have fled their homes in recent days,” Andrej Mahecic, spokesperson of the UN refugee agency, told reporters in Geneva, Switzerland.,The UN had repeatedly called for calm last month along the border of the Gaza Strip – the Palestinian enclave occupied by Israel – where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians participated in “the Great March of Return” from 30 March to 15 May..

In Yemen, the recruitment and use of children by all parties to the conflict has become widespread since the escalation of conflict in March 2015, the Special Representative said.,The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also welcomed the outcome of the talks that took place over the course of several hours in Singapore, which was the first time that a sitting US President had sat down face-to-face, with a leader of DPRK.,However, last year he went from feeding the news cycle to becoming a headline when a video clip of him in an emotional state after a TV interview during the last Gaza war went viral..

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The Global Week “is a conduit” for fostering cooperation on this critical issue among all stakeholders, including government, international and regional organizations, businesses, and civil society, and for them to pool their experience, strength and expertise, she said.,comment jouer au baccarat en ligne,As his coffin stood before the plane that was to fly him to his Brazilian home town, Rio de Janeiro, where he was born 55 years ago, colleagues stood in mournful tribute to the man who rose through more than three decades of devoted service to the world body to become High Commissioner for Human Rights and Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Representative for war-torn Iraq..

The reports indicate that the country’s Supreme Court has since ruled that Parliament acted illegally, and that Sir Michael – who has returned to Papua New Guinea – should be reinstated.,MINUSMA supports political processes in Mali, in addition to carrying out a number of security-related tasks, and this was the largest attack against the Mission since its deployment five years ago, and the third this month.,comment jouer au blackjack en direct,Mr. Feltman recalled that since January 2016 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had reported to the Council nine times that Iran is adhering to its nuclear-related obligations. At the same time, in October 2017 the President of the United States decided not to certify to Congress that Iran was complying with the agreement..

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Robert Serry: You always look for a title that will intrigue people. Why in no man’s land? It becomes clear in the preface of the book; I was working as the UN envoy in no man’s land. In Jerusalem, you have the government house, which was the previous residence of the last British governor. Before the British left, and after the first Arab-Israeli war, that was designated in the first conflict between Israel and the Arab countries as the no man’s land, and the UN bought it at that time already for the first ever UN peacekeeping operation, which is UNTSO (UN Truce Supervision Organization), and of course now after many years of unresolved conflict. But nowadays, the Special Coordinator, as the representative of the Secretary-General, the highest UN official, also resides in that building. It sits on top of a hill, and historically in a holy city. So I felt myself in a no man’s land, between Israel and Palestinians. That is also why I put that in the subtitle of the book.,books a million card games,As a result of fighting during the past two years, nearly 10,000 people have been killed and over 21,000 wounded.,A recent UN-World Bank report noted that conflict can kill a chance of progress from many areas – from development and poverty reduction, to health and education..

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It reaffirmed that only mandated State authorities have the right to enforce justice and that any acts by non-state actors, such as the attacks Tuesday morning, are illegal.,The draft received 12 votes in favour, two against (Bolivia and Russia) and one abstention (China).,“The general security situation in Darfur remains calm, except for sporadic clashes between the Sudan Liberation Army of Mr. Abdul Wahid, Government forces and nomads in the Jebel Marra,” said Jeremiah Mamabolo, Head of the African Union-UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), speaking via video-link..

books a million card games,About four years ago, my stepfather told me that free UN training in agriculture, horticulture, and food processing was available. He applied for me, and I was accepted.,The mid-March elections were the first after the signing in 2016 of a peace deal between the FARC-EP and the Colombian Government that ended the Western hemisphere’s longest-running conflict in which more than 200,000 people were killed..

Underlining the need to bring the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts to justice, the Security Council urged all States, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with the Governments of Mali and Burkina Faso as well as all other relevant authorities in this regard.,Among others killed were Rick Hooper of the United States, Ranillo Buenaventura of the Philippines, Jean-Selim Kanaan of Egypt and Fiona Watson of the United Kingdom. In addition, the Programme Coordinator for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Iraq, Christopher Klein-Beekman, also died. He was a 32-year-old Canadian who was the agency’s Officer-in-Charge in the country at the time of his death. “The people of Iraq have suffered an enormous loss today,” UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said.,“The success story of Abyei is that community policing models such as the problem-oriented approach and involvement of the community in policing have really helped to build confidence in the society to report cases of sexual and gender-based violence.”.

The Security Council commended the efforts of the region, including through the development of a G5 Sahel Joint Force, to address the transnational dimension of the terrorist threat in the Sahel region, and encouraged further progress in this regard.,“There is alarming information coming from Libya about grave acts that could amount to war crimes,” Mr. Ban warned. “All external actors need to use their influence to appease the situation. If things don't improve on the political front, the humanitarian crisis will worsen and threats to people's security, including attacks by Daech [ISIL], will multiply and expand.”,The day, known as “Implementation Day,” occurred on 16 January 2016 when the Security Council received the report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirming that Iran has taken a series of nuclear-related actions specified in the JCPOA’s annex..

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This year, the UN chief spent the International Day in Africa, with peacekeepers at MINUSMA, the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali; currently the most dangerous in the world. Since its establishment, in 2013 to help stabilize the north-African country, 169 military, police and civilian peacekeepers have lost their lives.,Originally established in 1978, UNIFIL was greatly reinforced after the 2006 fighting to oversee the cessation of hostilities between Israel and the Lebanese group Hizbollah. It is tasked with ensuring that the area between the so-called 'Blue Line' – separating Israel and Lebanon – and the Litani River is free of unauthorized weapons, personnel and assets. It also cooperates with the Lebanese Armed Forces so they can fulfil their security responsibilities.,Zimbabwe is emerging from the nearly 40-year rule of former President Robert Mugabe, who resigned in November..

books a million card games,“I sincerely hope the sense of solidarity marked by this joyful occasion will continue well into the future, enabling the extension of the ceasefires and leading to the peace that all Afghans want and deserve,” he said.,Sandra Honoré: The electoral process in Haiti was initiated on 9 August 2015, with the first round of parliamentary elections. The second round of parliamentary elections followed on 25 October 2015, along with the first round of the presidential election and the municipal polls..

“While the prime responsibility of protecting civilians rests with the Government of Sudan, UNAMID shall continue to collaborate with the relevant government authorities on protecting civilians and engage with them regarding this matter at all levels,” said Jeremiah Mamabolo, UNAMID Joint Special Representative.,This trilateral meeting followed the bilateral summit on 27 April between the leaders of ROK and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), in which they agreed on measures toward lasting peace on the Peninsula.,At 4,000 feet tall, La Soufrière dominates the largest island, Saint Vincent.  The volcano had been silent since 1979, but began spewing smoke and rumbling in December, before erupting on Friday. .

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Mr. Ban, who has made addressing climate change a key priority of his administration, pointed out that the IPCC's “lucid and well-documented findings” helped to establish “beyond doubt that climate change is happening, and that much of it is caused by human activity.”,Mr. Lacroix expressed appreciation for the UN force’s efforts to de-escalate tensions through its participation in a forum bringing together senior Lebanese and Israeli officials which was chaired by UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Michael Beary.,UN Special Representative Aïchatou Mindaoudou and local residents highlight the vital contributions UNOCI made in restoring peace and security in the nation..

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books a million card games,“We went to the Central African Republic because there was a need,” Mr. Onanga-Anyanga told UN News in an interview while in New York to brief the members of the Security Council on the situation in CAR.,Meanwhile, nearly 100,000 people have been displaced by hostilities in Afrin District. The majority, some 75,000 people, have fled to Tal Refaat and the remainder to Nubul, Zahraa and surrounding villages..

During a visit in March 2016 to the UN headquarters to brief the Security Council, Ms. Honoré sat down with the UN News Centre to discuss the second round of the presidential elections scheduled to be held on 24 April 2016.,More than a quarter of a million Liberians were killed and nearly a third of the population was uprooted.  ,Concluding his briefing, Mr. Lacroix urged the Security Council to consider a new mission concept with adjusted priorities in the context of the renewal of UNAMID mandate in June..

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“Indeed, the creed of non-violence echoes through the United Nations Charter,” said Mr. Ban. Specifically, it calls on us “to practise tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours” and “to ensure… that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest.”,As she comes to the end of her tenure, Ms. Løj stressed, in an interview with UN News Service, the importance of clinging “to every little sign of hope” in South Sudan as the country continues to suffer civil unrest and insecurity.,“He encourages the Government of Algeria and all political parties in the country to work together in an inclusive and peaceful manner to maintain stability and strengthen the democratic process in Algeria.”.

books a million card games,A revised settlement plan proposed by the United Nations after seven years of diplomatic consultations was rejected by one of the parties in 2004.,According to the Security Council mandate given in resolution 307 of 1971, UNMOGIP observes and reports on ceasefire violations along and across the Line of Control and the working boundary between the South Asian neighbours in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as reports developments that could lead to ceasefire violations..

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The Mission wants to clear a 50 kilometre perimeter around the town allowing displaced persons to return.,mumbai indians all jersey,“The Secretary-General reiterates that all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan are obliged under international law to protect humanitarian workers and civilians,” it added.,“In the last five years, our hopes for peace have been dashed by war,” said Habiba, 32. “Earlier we had some optimism because of the dialogue established between local elders and insurgents. But right now, there is less talk of peace and not nearly enough security for making peace.”.

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At this stage, even the hint of Security Council sanctions may be enough to encourage conflict parties to enter into dialogue. This is sometimes what the Council means when it signals that it will “consider all measures at the Council’s disposal, including the use of enforcement measures.”,comment jouer au blackjack en direct,“The returns were carried out despite UNHCR’s requests to the Angolan authorities to undertake joint screening of the unregistered group,” the spokesperson said.,In a separate statement, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the head of the UN Mission, echoed the Secretary-General’s condemnation..

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He has served as Brigadier General and Director of Military Operations for the Bangladesh Army, and is currently Commandant of his country’s Military Academy.,mumbai indians powerplay score,The positive aspect is that following the two rounds in August and October 2015, 14 seats out of a total of 20 have been filled in the Senate, and 92 seats out of 119 in total were provided to the Chamber of Deputies. I say positive because the Haitian Parliament was able to work again on 1 January 2016, after a year of not functioning.,He underscored, “not hundreds, not thousands but millions more children in the Middle East and North Africa region have their childhoods stolen, maimed for life, traumatized, arrested and detained, exploited, prevented from going to school and from getting the most essential health services; denied even the basic right to play.”.

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Looking to build on this momentum, the Commission has also included prevention of an arms race in outer space in its agenda for this session.,nicholas pooran ipl auction,UN peacekeepers go to the most physically and politically difficult environments, some making the ultimate sacrifice – as evidenced by the more than 3,500 peacekeepers who have lost their lives in the service of peace since UN deployments began in 1948.,According to the UN’s Office for Disarmament Affairs, 144 Member States have so far ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict – a document which calls on States which ratify it to “take all feasible measures” to ensure that members of their armed forces under the age of 18 do not take a direct part in hostilities..

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books a million card games

Despite progress made in changing laws, protecting children and helping those impacted by war, more must be done to tackle the scourge, he added.,Support for the returnees to rebuild their houses is often absent, as humanitarian funding does not at present allow for a major rebuilding programme.,“Suffice to say that successful security transition will require not just deep reform of the Somalia security forces but also, as the AU Commission Chairperson and UN Secretary-General’s Envoys noted, transformation of AMISOM,” he said..

“These violations by the parties and the continuing hostile propaganda undertaken against one another are worrisome, as they illustrate a lack of genuine commitment to honour their words, and de-facto undermine the regional and international efforts to revitalize the peace process,” Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix told a Security Council briefing.,“These children have paid the highest price for wars that they have absolutely no responsibility for. Their lives have been cut short, their families forever broken in grief,” he added.,“The assessment, which concluded last week, found help is urgently needed for the tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees in northern Ethiopia”, he said. .

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“I am deeply saddened by this humanitarian tragedy,” Mr. Ban said. “The world cannot continue to neglect Sahrawi refugees. They're hoping for the support of the region, the UN, and the international community. We must act.”,“From supporting the Southern Sudan referendum to helping resolve the post-electoral crisis in Côte d’Ivoire, from supporting training, capacity-building and institutional development of police in Timor-Leste to patrolling the hills of southern Lebanon, United Nations blue helmets have represented the Organization at its best – restoring stability; fostering reconciliation; and nurturing hope for a better future,” he said.,“Airstrikes, mortars, rockets, barrel bombs, cluster munitions, chemical weapons, thermite bombs, suicide bombs snipers, double-tap attacks on civilians and the essential infrastructure they depend on, including hospitals and school, rape, illegal detention, torture, child recruitment and sieges of entire cities reminiscent of medieval times,” he detailed the situation..

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“He also applauds the people of Sierra Leone for the sense of responsibility that they have demonstrated in successfully completing the elections in a peaceful manner,” added the spokesperson.,The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday in favor of a 30-day cease-fire in Syria, and demanded immediate lifting of sieges on war-ravaged east Ghouta, where, earlier this week, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said some 400,000 people are living “in hell on earth.”,According the UN, at least one other aid worker remains critically injured and another three are still missing. Eight members of the Nigerian national security forces were also killed..

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“As you know, the Alliance of Civilizations initiative came after ‘September 11’ and attacks in Madrid and London,” he told the UN News Centre, referring to terrorist acts in 2001, 2004 and 2005. He stressed that the establishment of UNAOC in 2005 was in response to fears that clashes of cultures, religions and civilizations are driving conflict.,They also urged the mission to deploy personnel in and around Abyei as needed to help reduce tensions and prevent an escalation of the conflict.,“Although we failed to secure progress on some of the more difficult outstanding issues, and there are unimplemented parts of the resolution, the calm has enabled the people in the south of Lebanon and on the other side of the Blue Line to pursue their normal lives,” said Mr. Plumbly..

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Seventeen staff members from several UN humanitarian and development agencies were killed on 11 December 2007 when a car bomb ripped through the offices. A number of Algerians were also killed and over one hundred injured.,“As I stand here today and pledge my commitment to delivering the priority tasks laid out in the roadmap, so I ask for the international support necessary to deliver the humanitarian relief and security that are vital components of stabilizing Somalia,” said Mr. Ali.,Among others killed were Rick Hooper of the United States, Ranillo Buenaventura of the Philippines, Jean-Selim Kanaan of Egypt and Fiona Watson of the United Kingdom. In addition, the Programme Coordinator for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Iraq, Christopher Klein-Beekman, also died. He was a 32-year-old Canadian who was the agency’s Officer-in-Charge in the country at the time of his death. “The people of Iraq have suffered an enormous loss today,” UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said..

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In a recent report to the Security Council, Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressed that the security zone continued to function successfully, despite accusations of military build-ups by both sides and rising tensions in the mission area.,The CTBTO’s global monitoring network is now 90% complete, with around 300 stations, some in the most remote and inaccessible areas of the Earth and sea. The network captures four types of data: seismic, hydro-acoustic, infrasound and radionuclide. The system detected all four nuclear tests declared by DPRK.,Under international human rights law, lethal force may only be used as a last resort when there is an imminent threat of death or serious injury..

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Security Council members also urged the international community to continue supporting the work being undertaken by the UN and humanitarian agencies in southern Bangladesh, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable refugees living there.,“They should be zones of peace. Those who attack schools and hospitals should know that they will be held accountable,” she said.,“In a number of countries, key sectors are facing labour shortages, because people are increasingly reluctant to engage in work which is not properly, adequately, fairly valued by society and rewarded in terms of better pay and improved working conditions,” said Manuela Tomei, Assistant Director-General for Governance, Rights and Dialogue at the International Labour Organization (ILO)..

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“There has not been a single United Nations humanitarian convoy to reach any besieged area since the end of November 2017,” he underscored.,Concluding his briefing, Mr. Lacroix urged the Security Council to consider a new mission concept with adjusted priorities in the context of the renewal of UNAMID mandate in June.,“One specific collateral measure for disarmament on which this body should certainly be able to make a contribution is the goal of preserving outer space as a realm free of conflict,” Mr. Markram said, noting that several recent trends are impacting the security and sustainability of outer space activities..

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Ms. Nakamitsu, also the head of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), told the Security Council that work still remains to be done to fully implement Council resolution 2118 as well as for the international community to have “shared confidence” that the Syria’s chemical weapons programme has been fully eliminated.,Leading the UN delegation at the event, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for West Africa and the Sahel, Mohammed Ibn Chambas, congratulated the Liberian people for the “credible and peaceful election which, for the first time in Liberia, is ushering one elected civilian Government to take over from another civilian Government.”,Despite progress made in changing laws, protecting children and helping those impacted by war, more must be done to tackle the scourge, he added..

books a million card games,Addressing a meeting of the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre Advisory Board, the Secretary-General said that “together with our international partners, we need to respond early and effectively in the cycle of conflict and radicalization and invest more in prevention.”,As the Secretary-General has expressed, establishing the truth about this event is an important part of achieving justice for the victims and their families, she said..

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