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UN News spoke to Ms. Kauka as part of the International Labour Organization’s photography project “Dignity at Work: The American Experience” ahead of International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples which is marked annually on 9 August.,best icc profiles,On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly decided to proclaim 3 March as World Wildlife Day – the day of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in 1973, which plays an important role in ensuring that international trade does not threaten the species' survival.,The study published on Thursday, measures the number of students who report having been bullied over the period of a month, or involved in a physical fight during the previous year, and shows that for many young people, the school environment is not a safe place, but a danger zone where they have to learn in fear..

When fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal – combust to power vehicles, that creates air pollution. This in turn causes health issues: according to a special report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday. Air pollution is now the fourth largest cause of death worldwide, with about seven million people dying each year from it. ,UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Culture, Ernesto Ottone Ramirez, noted that “illicit trafficking in cultural property is a worldwide, lucrative scourge linked to other forms of organized crime, including the financing of terrorism. ,Stephen O'Malley: Dominica, maybe I'll start there because I've been to Dominica probably 10 times over the last four years. It's a country that I feel I know quite well. When we were flying in and you were looking down at this 'nature isle', as it's called, and it was totally brown... you could see the trees blown over and hardly any green at all. We came in to land at this small airport and there are all these logs which had come down from the hillsides. They were all along the waterfront. We started driving into the city and, literally, it was like going... I'm from Canada... it was like going into a city after there'd been a snowstorm but the storm was mud and not snow. It had all been pushed up to the banks, on the sides of the street. You had galvanized sheeting, you had plastic, you had mattresses, all kinds of stuff. I had seen the pictures and I have to say it was still very emotional for me to see the effect.,biggest esports orgs.

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best icc profiles

The Forest and Farm Facility initiative, or FFF, began in 2013 as a way to help rural women’s groups, local communities and indigenous peoples’ institutions, among others, bolstering their technical and business capacities to fight climate change and improve food security.,biggest esports organisers in india,“We have global warming, but we have also global political warming, and this can be seen in relation to trade and technology conflicts, it can be seen in relation to situations in several parts of the world, namely the Gulf”, he told reporters before addressing the summit, referring to recent attacks on oil tankers around the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman, which have heightened tensions between Iran and the United States. .

“We have been waiting for you!” Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN Youth Envoy, said, welcoming the boisterous crowd of young climate leaders, who made it clear from the very start of the day-long event that global political leaders are now on notice: they must make radical changes to shift the world away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy, protect our oceans, and promote sustainable consumption.,Both Mr. Feruta and Mr. Zhenmin referred to the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN body tasked with providing objective, scientific reports on the changing climate, which has shown that far-reaching changes to the way we produce energy must occur if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.,biggest esports orgs,Put concisely, we must “invest in land restoration as a way of improving livelihoods, reducing vulnerabilities contributing to climate change, and reducing risks for the economy,” Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw, Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) said, speaking on the sidelines of the 14th session of the Conference of the Parties, in New Delhi.  .

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According to the Crop Prospects and Food Situation report, issued Monday by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the need for external food assistance in 37 countries – either affected by conflict or adverse climate shocks – remains unchanged compared to the situation three months back.,Ensuring a near-zero-waste economy by 2050 will require a new global business approach, and the report shows that “green investment” of just 2 per cent of countries’ GDP would deliver long-term growth comparable with a “business as usual” approach, but with fewer impacts from climate change, water scarcity and loss of ecosystems.,She warned that at the current rate, it would take more than 130 years to reach gender parity, citing information from the World Economic Forum. .

best icc profiles,In his remarks, the Prime Minister of Barbados, Freundel J. Stuart, stressed the importance of global cooperation to end climate change.,In a tweet at the weekend, US President Donald Trump said he was issuing a warning to Iran that if any retaliatory strikes involved Americans or American assets, then Iranian sites, including those of cultural significance, would be targeted. .

Ms. Bennoune recalled that the Taliban’s own cultural officials in 2001 had attacked the country’s national museum, destroying thousands of the most important pieces, as well as banning many cultural practices, including music.  ,The Universal Postal Union (UPU) released data this week showing that Posts in countries around the world have been going the extra mile as 25 December approaches, making sure that mail addressed to Santa Claus and other popular holiday figures – from the Three Wise Men and Saint Nicholas to Ded Moroz – gets the attention it deserves.,Heat-trapping CO2 gas in the atmosphere is largely responsible for rising global temperatures, according to the overwhelming body of scientific evidence. UNEP’s 2018 Global Emissions Report, show global emissions have reached historic levels..

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Put simply, we need to put the brake on deadly greenhouse gas emissions and drive climate action,biggest esports organisers in india,“Cyclone Idai underlines that no matter how effective early warnings are, there is still a huge demand for greater investment in resilient infrastructure in many parts of the world if we are to break the cycle of disaster-response-recovery”, UN Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Mami Mizutori said, extending her condolences to the peoples and Governments of the three affected countries..

UNICEF upheld the vital importance that children who have lived through disasters “return to normal life as quickly as possible”, which is best done by resuming their education.,“Most important, for all of us, is the recognition that deeds must follow words. Major armies and businesses have long recognized the need to prepare for climate-related risks, rightfully assessing climate change as a threat multiplier,” said the UN Political Affairs chief.,biggest esports orgs,“Anti-Semitism is back and it needs to be fought as the crime it is,” Mr. Guterres said. He called on leaders and Governments to “clearly denounce and make evident the real risk of anti-Semitism in our societies today.”.

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The statement said Mr. Guterres now looked forward to Japan, the world’s third largest economy, announcing concrete policy measures, along with an ambitiously revised NDC, in time for the 26th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26), due to be held in Glasgow in November 2021. ,best icc profiles,China’s increasingly important role in the sector is also illustrated by the fact that Chinese organizations make up 17 of the top 20 academic players in AI patenting, as well as 10 of the top 20 in AI-related scientific publications.,“States have a responsibility to prevent and punish rights abuses committed by private corporations within their territory, and businesses have an obligation to avoid infringing on the human rights of others,” Mr. Zeid continued. “I hope this new Initiative will be able to encourage States and businesses to comply with these obligations.”.

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Mr. Verhoosel referenced a WFP report pointing out that “1.6 million people already face acute food crisis” in 63 districts. The most recent revision of the Integrated Classification of Food Security Phase, highlights the "difficult situation" the country of more than 29 million inhabitants faces, until its next harvest. ,Education Cannot Wait is the global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, and is administered under UNICEF’s rules and regulations.  ,The UN and its Member States have many priority issues, but “there are very few that are as urgent as addressing climate risk and disaster risk,” he added..

best icc profiles,As a result, almost every child in Ukraine has been left without sustained access to electricity, meaning that even attending virtual classes is an ongoing challenge. ,The organization is already supporting the country through grants from the United States and the UN Central Emergency Relief Fund, representing nearly million of the appeal..

The multiple benefits provided by the world’s oceans, seas and marine resources are the focus of the first-ever Ocean Conference taking place this week at UN Headquarters in New York.,Inside the tiny coastal house, held together with pieces of plastic, cardboard, and bricks, 62-year Laurinda, her two adult children, Teresa and Ernesto, together with Teresa’s one-year old baby and the two teenagers the family adopted years ago, hugged and huddled together.,“Thanks to their determination and the support they received from UNFPA, Canada, the Anbar Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Governor of Anbar, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, this centre became a welcoming and truly youth-friendly space”..

From France, astrophysicist Fatoumata Kebe said she had founded Ephemerides, a programme that provides astronomy classes for high school students from disadvantaged background.  Although she has worked with NASA, her heart lies in teaching math, physics and chemistry to girls in Mali.,The name Kristallnacht comes from the shards of broken glass found on streets after windows of Jewish-owned buildings and synagogues were smashed during that night of violence in 1938.,“The majority of the plants that are grown here are native Hawaiian plants and many are federally listed as rare and endangered. One plant that the garden has been working with over decades is called alula in Hawaiian. It's generally found or was found mostly on the cliffs around the island of Kauai..

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The town hall with representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was held as part of the annual session of the UN Committee on the Status of Women (CSW), which meets in New York every March.  ,At COP24, on Tuesday, various climate action stakeholders adopted a proposal by the United Kingdom and Poland named the “Driving Change Together” declaration, which the UN chief hailed as “an essential step towards a decarbonized transport system”, urging “all actors to support it”. ,Miguel Angel Moratinos said the theme of the 5th World Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, Building Dialogue into action against discrimination, inequality & violent extremism, was very timely as those gathered at the Forum, which wraps up tomorrow, would no doubt reflect on the “horrific terrorist attacks” that had taken place over recent days and months..

best icc profiles,“For people who had their lives turned upside down, our projects – community farms, road and bridge repair, the rebuilding of schools – are a source of hope,” according to Lola Castro, and “this essential work must continue if we want to see real and lasting recovery.”,António Guterres issued the charge on Wednesday in a speech to the annual Caring for Climate Meeting, held during the on-going UN COP25 climate conference in Madrid. .

Can modern living be sustainable? This “tiny house” could revolutionize how we live. @UNEnvironment, @UNHABITAT, @YaleArch #YaleCEA #HLPF pic.twitter.com/VTLLCTKYbr,UN Secretary-General António Guterres issued the charge on Friday during a visit to The Bahamas, which continues to reel from the onslaught of Hurricane Dorian. UN agencies are on the ground to support relief efforts in the affected islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.,The Sahel is arguably one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change - Ibrahim Thiaw, UN Special Adviser on the Sahel.

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Their call to action came in a statement signed on Monday in Madrid, where countries are attending the UN COP25 conference to strengthen implementation of the 2015 treaty which seeks to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. ,Mr. Kőrösi said education is key to learning why these phobias exist, and it can be “transformative” in changing how people understand each another. ,Accurate monitoring of forest and land use is essential if countries are to track progress towards the sustainability goals (SDGs) as they adopt climate change-mitigation and adaptation measures, FAO explained..

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best icc profiles,In highlighting the devastating effects of the recent wave of hurricanes to hit the Caribbean, Frederick Mitchell, Foreign Minister of the Bahamas, supported the call for an international donors conference to meet the needs of all the countries adversely affected by the storms. He also urged the countries of the region to better plan for eventualities such as hurricanes. They risked losing their dignity if they were not seen to help themselves. However, if the recent hurricanes, as scientific evidence suggested, were related to climate change, it was clear that the region could not hope to defend itself alone. A major shift by the most polluting countries was required, thus assuring the survival of people in the small island developing States. Video,“The potential of connectivity makes it easier for children to connect with their peers anywhere in the world […] is a tool for children’s empowerment and engagement with their communities. However, this connectivity puts them at risk of their private information, access to harmful content, and cyberbullying,” said Sheldon Yett, UNICEF Pacific Representative..

WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas spoke to UN News on Monday at UN Headquarters in New York where, on the same day, UN chief António Guterres delivered a speech describing climate change as “the defining issue of our time”, and calling for more leadership and greater ambition for climate action.,“The new technologies are the most effective method to reach this goal, by creating virtual libraries accessible to all, accelerating exchange between professors and students and stimulating research,” she added.,In a statement, UN Environment described the Global Environment Outlook, which was produced by 250 scientists and experts from more than 70 countries, as the most comprehensive and rigorous assessment completed by the United Nations in the last five years..

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“More importantly, those efforts will finally create a wealth of new opportunities for our youth: something that has gone missing in Nauru for a generation.”,Simon Gronowski spoke to the United Nations ahead of International Jazz Day, which is celebrated annually on 30 April as a force for “peace, unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation among people”.,“Under resourced schools, underpaid and under-qualified teachers, over-crowded classrooms and archaic curricula are undermining our children’s ability to reach their full potential,” said Catherine Russell UNICEF Executive Director, in a press release..

best icc profiles,“Radio offers a wonderful display of diversity in its formats, in its languages, and among radio professionals themselves. This sends an important message to the world”, the UN chief said. ,“Criticism of Government policy, including through political satire and cartoons, is permitted under the rights to freedom of expression and cultural rights, and should not be criminalised,” the three Special Rapporteurs said in a statement.  .

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According to the UN agency, temperatures in Siberia have been more than 5C above average from January to June, and in June up to 10C above average.,1xbet mobile website,Japan’s pledge comes a month after China’s President Xi Jinping told the UN General Assembly that China aimed to have carbon emissions peak before 2030 and to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. ,The UN chief also indicated that the city of Johannesburg in South Africa “is involving residents in efforts to improve public spaces so they can be safely used for recreation, sports, community events and services such as free medical care.”.

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“Let us tackle both and leave future generations with the hope that this moment is a true turning point for people and planet,” he said, in a video message. ,biggest esports orgs,“I want the authorities to take this question of the environment to heart. Because we children are suffering a lot,” he said via video message.,The Sahel is also one of the most environmentally degraded regions in the world with temperature increases projected to be 1.5 times higher than the global average. It is regularly hit by droughts and floods which have enormous consequences on people’s ability to earn a living and feed their families..

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I learnt from my elders by watching, but I’m teaching these kids in a hands-on way, showing them techniques. It feels good to pass on this culture to somebody. - Demond Melancon ,asia cup trophy,“In 2020, nearly 168 million people worldwide will need humanitarian assistance and protection,” he said. “That represents about one person in 45 on the planet. It is the highest figure in decades.”,You can follow the High-level roundtable LIVE, here on UN News..

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“These new figures show starkly the size of the gap that needs to be closed to ensure universal access to education,” Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of  the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said Friday.,amit mishra siblings,“Let us prioritize education as a public good; support it with cooperation, partnerships and funding; and recognize that leaving no one behind starts with education” concluded the Secretary-General.,“Our Sovereignty must not be compromised by climate change and we welcome the work of the International Law Commission on this critically important and timely issue for consideration of the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly,” he said, referring to the Assembly’s standing body that deals with legal issues..

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best icc profiles

The Open Science movement has emerged from the scientific community and has rapidly spread across nations. Investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers and citizens are joining this call.,Digitization is the only way to preserve these collections, to make them available well into the future.,“Education is necessary for success and well-being in society”, the UN chief pointed out, “And it is essential for gender equality. A good education can boost a woman’s quality of life and open doors to decent work opportunities. “.

Specifically, Article 17 of a new safety and security law appears to give sweeping surveillance powers to the police and secret services to collect and process personal data about all COP24 participants, and Article 22 appears to prevent spontaneous peaceful assemblies from taking place during the conference.,Beginning 18 April, students in New Orleans were also treated to in-school education programmes that explored the origins, development and significance of jazz – with master classes by Mr. Hancock and Mr. Blanchard.,Achieving global sustainability in the seafood sector looks murky. With the concerning state of the world’s oceans and increasing demand for freshwater species keeping best practices at bay, FAO noted..

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UNICEF is working with governments in the Pacific to deliver cyber safety programmes particularly in Tonga and Samoa and provide tips to parents on how to protect their children online.,The study is based on findings from surveys on national education responses to the global crisis carried out in nearly 150 countries between June and October. ,Malala Yousafzai: I've been fighting for girls' education since I was 10 or 11, when in Swat Valley, in Pakistan, terrorism started and girls couldn't go to school. And I have learnt so much in my 20 years of life – from seeing terrorism, extremism, to then being attacked at the age of 15 and now at the global stage fighting for girls' education.  And what I have learned is that the future generation, they need education, they need quality education. And if we want to see our future bright, developed, if we want to make our lives better, we have to invest in girls' education. That is crucial. We cannot ignore it. And I just sometimes wonder, why have our world leaders ignored it for so long? The thing that I have realised from my experience in 19 years, they haven't learnt yet in their 50, 60+ years. So that is my message, to make sure that they realise that their investment in education can change the whole world..

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“It is no secret that the lack of motivation by some countries to take the required actions, is rooted in this economic truth: that those who gain most from the activities that create climate change, remain the most removed from its dire consequences,” Ms. Baron underscored.,On 23 September the UN chief will host a Climate Action Summit in New York, with proposals already put forward to protect the poor and vulnerable including boosts to disaster recovery and preparatory measures.,Sitting on the sandy floor of a tent at the Samora Machel site for internally displaced people, named after the country’s founding president, Mr. Bloom listened to children recount devastating stories of how they lost everything in the cyclone..

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The use of nitrogen as a fertilizer in agriculture is singled out as particularly problematic when it comes to maintaining water quality. Nitrogen enters rivers, lakes and oceans where it transforms into substances known as nitrates.,During their meetings with the de facto authorities, the humanitarian chiefs also pushed for the full inclusion of girls and women in public life. ,Ms. King was speaking alongside Louis Alfonso De Alba, Special Envoy for the UN 2019 Climate Summit, and a number of other senior UN officials at the meeting, a follow up to an event in October 2017 convened in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes that had swept over the islands of the eastern Caribbean a month earlier, prompting UN Secretary-General António Guterres to describe the island of Barbuda as “paradise turned into hell.”.

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Long before it became known as King’s Landing – one of the Seven Kingdoms and seat of the mighty Iron Throne – the old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia was an important Mediterranean seat of power from the 13th century onwards. Severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667 and by armed conflict in the 1990s, UNESCO is co-coordinating a major restoration programme.,“The ability for musicians to come together and listen, play and exchange artistry through this free-flowing expression reflects the spirit of freedom movements across the world,” she added.,In the village of Nabukadra, residents are working with OCHA and partners to procure chainsaws, so they can cut fallen wood and construct new homes. This is the immediate priority, but Winston has shown the need to think longer-term about reducing the risks facing their community..

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Also completely destroyed, she said, was the country’s forests, which is where many people fled and hid during the genocide.,Since it was first celebrated in 1974, the Day has helped raise awareness and generate political momentum around global environmental concerns such as ozone depletion, desertification and global warming.,The conference has brought together thousands of climate action decision-makers, advocates and activists, with the objective of adopting global guidelines for the 197 parties of the 2015 Paris Agreement, when countries committed to limiting global warming to less than 2°C – and as close as possible to 1.5° – above pre-industrial levels. .

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After the release of the boys kidnapped by armed men from Government Science Secondary School in Kankara, on 11 December, Secretary-General António Guterres called for the “immediate and unconditional release of those who remain abducted”.  ,The recognition of this success comes on World Ozone Day, marked 16 September. This year celebrates “32 Years and Healing”; a commemoration of the international commitment to protect the ozone later and the climate under the historic Montreal Protocol, which has led to the phase-out of 99 per cent of ozone-depleting chemicals in refrigerators, air-conditioners and other consumer products.,The COVID-19 pandemic, rising poverty, and worsening humanitarian crises have intensified pressures on stretched health systems. Just one in 10 countries (of more than 100 surveyed) report having sufficient funds to implement their current plans..

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“The health sector exemptions on female participation include not just medical services delivery in the facilities, but also psychological support, community-based health activities and nutrition. And it is applied to all females working in offices, hospitals, health centres, or mobile teams,” he said. ,“Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility” she said, calling it “the most powerful force in our hands to ensure significant improvements in health, to stimulate economic growth, to unlock the potential and innovation we need to build more resilient and sustainable societies”.,"The messages carried by the UN-produced images and sounds inform us about our own experiences in recent history," said Chaim Litewski, the main curator of the exhibit and the head of the UN Television Section. "If history is the record of the development of human society, this exhibition helps us to comprehend the extraordinary and wide encompassing role the UN has played in shaping human history in the past seven decades.".

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While spending huge amounts of money to bring economies back, Mr. Guterres asserted, “we must deliver new jobs and businesses through a clean, green transition”. ,A few weeks after that we received more feedback from the community. They said that the booklet was effective. Children are learning while coloring the booklet and the content helps parents and caregivers to initiate conversations with them. I have read all the social media posts about the booklet, and my eyes are filled with tears of joy.,“Everyone can do their bit to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal target to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater and increase safe water reuse by 2030.”.

best icc profiles,For example, two-thirds of all cobalt production happens in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). According the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), about 20 per cent of cobalt supplied from the DRC comes from artisanal mines, where human rights abuses have been reported, and up to 40,000 children work in extremely dangerous conditions in the mines for meagre income.,“Climate change is the defining issue of our time – and we are at a defining moment,” the Secretary-General said at the Informal Leaders Dialogue on Climate Change, held on the margins of the annual high-level debate of the General Assembly..

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